Program Description


To develop advanced athletic training clinicians in orthopedic rehabilitation and leadership suitable to a variety of clinical employment settings.  Students will acquire and create new knowledge, apply advanced concepts, and advance the AT profession while developing lifeling learning skills, and participate in the Public Affairs Mission of the University.

Program Objectives

  • Rehabilitation
  • Athletic Training Leadership and Administration
  • Movement Pattern Dysfunctions
  • AT Profession Involvement and Advancement
  • Manual Therapies
  • Community Engagement
  • Clinical Decision Making
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Critical Thinking
  • Research 

Learning outcomes for the athletic training graduate program 

  • Course work will challenge students to acquire new knowledge not previously explored in their education.
  • Students will acquire and create new knowledge.
  • Students will advance the AT profession.
  • Students will develop lifelong learning skills.
  • Students will participate in the MSU Public Affairs Mission.