Clarification on Elective Courses

A written policy and list of elective courses was added to the Handbook (see policy and list below). More details on the elective courses can be found on page 18 of the AT Program Handbook.

The courses listed below are elective courses.  They do not replace or waive any of the ATC courses required for the BSAT degree.  BSAT candidates wishing to take an elective ATC course needs to discuss these options with their advisor.  Students electing to take one of these courses will work with their advisor (or another instructor within the AT Program) to develop a course syllabus to reflect the student's desired outcome from taking the course.  The instructor of record will have final approval of the syllabi and is responsible for making sure the syllabi complies with MSU, CHHS, and SMAT policies.  Only BSAT candidates are allowed to take an elective ATC course.  If an elective ATC course contains any clinical experience, the student completing the ATC elective courses MUST follow all the AT Program clinical experience policies (i.e. insurance, HIPAA, BBP, confidentiality, attendance, application of competencies, supervision, evaluations, etc.).

Students placed on academic probation within the AT Program (this is different than University probation), may be required to complete one or more of these elective ATC courses as part of their probationary AT Program status.  In these cases, all policies outlined above remain in effect.  Should a student placed on probation elect to change their major or not comply with their probationary terms, they will be dropped from the ATC elective courses(s).

ATC 297 Special Topics

ATC 397 Special Topics

ATC 497 Athletic Training Seminar

ATC 498 Research Projects in Athletic Training

ATC 499 Independent Study in Athletic Training