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Master of Science in Athletic Training  

Acquire, Apply, Advance

Missouri State University - College of Health and Human Services

Department of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

Master of Science in Athletic Training 


Mission: The Masters of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) capitalizes on the entry level skills possessed by admitted students with a focus on developing well-rounded, advanced skilled clinical practitioners in the areas of orthopedic rehabilitation and professional and ethical leadership.  

Points of Distinctiveness:  All Athletic Training courses are steeped in the program’s points of distinctiveness, advanced clinical skills in orthopedic rehabilitation and athletic training leadership.  

Advanced clinical skills in orthopedic rehabilitation:

to include, but not limited to: movement pattern development, manual therapy techniques, clinical decision making based on evidence based practice, and critical thinking

Athletic Training leadership:

to include but not limited to: professional and ethical leadership, professionalism, professional involvement, community engagement, diversity or cultural competence, research to advance field/knowledge base

Program description:  The Master of Science in Athletic Training degree is a 2 year comprehensive Post-professional Athletic Training Program.   The MSAT is designed to prepare certified athletic trainers to function in advanced athletic training roles within an evolving health care delivery system. Students will explore topics directly related to the program’s point of distinctiveness: Advanced Clinical Skills in Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Athletic Training Leadership.

Program Objectives: Students will obtain advanced clinical competence in the following areas:

Orthopedic rehabilitation                             Athletic Training Leadership and Administration

Movement pattern dysfunctions                 AT Profession Involvement and Advancement

Manual Therapies                                         Community Engagement

Clinical decision making                              Evidence based practice

Critical Thinking                                             Research       


Additional points of interest

Added Certifications/Credentials:  Students will have opportunities to obtain added certifications related to the Functional Movement Screen system and StrongFirst system.  

Graduate Assistantships:  Students admitted into the MSAT will be given the opportunity to apply for and be selected to obtain a graduate assistant position.  Graduate Assistant positions are NOT guaranteed or required.  These GA positions are offered as an avenue for continual development of clinical skills.